24 - 28 July 2024
Tolmin, Slovenia


Hi everyone, here’s a couple of fresh and really exciting news: After years of uncertainty and intense political battles, escalated right after the devastating pandemic, we can finally relax a little. Tolminator Metal Fest will remain in its current location for the next four years with a couple of minor changes, except for a substantial increase in the festival tax—alternatively known as the tourist tax—which has risen from 7,500 to a staggering 40,000 EUR starting this year.

In summary, we have a four-year reprieve, and 2027 appears to be the final year for Tolminator Metal Fest in Tolmin.

Again, this are really exiting news for me and my crew. Something like that never happened before and we’re more than happy to know that we are welcome in Tolmin for at least until 2027.

“Mayor Alen Červ presented the proposal for the Decree on the conditions for the organization and implementation of festivals along the Sotočje River until 2027 in the introduction to point 3. As he pointed out, the municipality prepared it together with the representatives of all council lists, they devoted a lot of time and coordination to the work, and invited a wide range of stakeholders to participate. “After 2027, we will no longer see music festivals in the current scope and concept in the Sotočje area, as we want events that are consistent with the tourism development strategy, and in the interim period they are an acceptable alternative,” Červ was clear. In the next four summer seasons, a maximum of three major music festivals with more than 800 visitors per day will be able to take place in the Sotočje area in 31 days (July-August). The maximum number of visitors per day will be 5,000. The music program of the open-air festival can last until 1:00 a.m. the following day at the latest, and the organizer will have to provide residents from the municipality with time-limited free access to the area by Sotočje during the festival, and provide free access to the German Ossuary for all visitors, free passage via the state remote bicycle connections on the section between the footbridge over the Tolminka River and Dijaška Street in the city of Tolmin, and a reverent departure from the cemetery in Tolmin at a distance of at least 50 meters. Depending on the number of visitors, the amount of the festival fee will be between EUR 500 per festival (smaller scale festivals) and EUR 8,000 per day (5,000 daily visitors). The municipality will distribute the tax collected among the local communities that are most affected during the festivals, the Sotočje area and the tourist infrastructure. The councilors first adopted the proposal of the decree without a vote against in the first, and then in the second reading.”

Translated from tolmin.si/objava/900547

Ticket shop: https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/all.html

Event: Tolminator Metal Fest 2024

24.7. – 28.7. 2024