24 - 28 July 2024
Tolmin, Slovenia


Watch the shows from your unicorn floatie! The Underground Stage is moving to the beach! And this is another reason why we are so excited about yesterday’s news. That means beach stage for at least another 4 years, woohoo!

I understand that some of you are feeling down because 2027 could be the end of a festival era in Tolmin, but that means we are assured for the next 4 years, and something like that has never happened before. Usually it’s not more than one year ahead, and then again and again, it’s like nonstop hustle level 666. Plus, who knows what happens in the next 4 years? It’s a long period, and we will do everything we can to make your extreme metal vacation the best possible experience, and we can plan years ahead. I’m pretty sure we will find solutions before any problems could possibly occure, especially working closely with the municipality and mayor. And yes, for now, Metal stays in Tolmin and that’s fuckin’ awesome.

Oh yeah, did I mention the BEACH STAGE!? Fuck yeah, TOLMINATOR BEACH STAGE!!! Grab a ticket and join us at Tolminator Metal Fest 2024. Cheers and stay Metal \m/

Ticket shop: https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/all.html

24.7. – 28.7. 2024