Will you attend the Tolminator festival and don’t have a ticket yet?

The following bands are selling tickets for Tolminator Metal Fest 2023, in return they get a 10% commission for each sold ticket & a better slot! We will also see the best sellers on the 2024 Tolminator lineup! If you like a band, show them support! Thanks \m/ from AUSTRIA FEARANCY https://www.facebook.com/fearancy from BELGIUM HOPE ERODES https://www.facebook.com/hope.erodes […]


Many of you were asking for it and here it is! We plan to put the daily tickets into sale in early June. The amount of daily tickets will be limited. Don’t forget that the capacity is now only for 5000 Metal fans! Get your festival tickets soon!

Comfort and Electricity upgrades are now available!

Alright, comfort and electricity upgrades are finally available COMFORT UPGRADE *Access to the Air Conditioned Comfort area (in the building facing Main Stage) *Indoor toilets *Secured WiFi *Access to the festival through Dijaška street (5 min from the city center) -The price for Comfort upgrade is 40 EUR -Orders are limited to 300 only! -Purchase […]


We are proud to announce the last 4 bands that will perform on the Tolminator and on the Underground stage! Please welcome ANAAL NATHRAKH, 1349, MENTAL CRUELTY and TERZIJ DE HORDE! Anaal Nathrakh decided to do their possibly last show in London in December 2022. However they will play a few selected festivals this Summer […]

Latest announcement!

Tolminator is super stoked to announce the mighty thrash Metal giants Sodom as one of the headliners for Tolminator Metal Fest 2023 ! Care for some true Latino dance music? From the USA, please welcome the Brujeria cartel and from France another chicano crossover band Locomuerte ! From the UK, we bring some ex Akercocke and current Benediction members called Damim and from the Czech […]