24 - 28 July 2024
Tolmin, Slovenia


YEAH! LIMITED AMOUNT OF DAILY TICKETS ARE ON SALE! REMEMBER, ONLY 200 DAILY TICKETS PER DAY! DON’T WAIT TOO LONG, GET YOURS NOW AND STAY METAL AS FUCK  DAY 1 / JULY 24th 2024 https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/tolminator-2024-daily-ticket-wednesday-24-7-2024/tickets-1180064.html  DAY 2 / JULY 25th 2024 https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/tolminator-2024-daily-ticket-thursday-25-7-2024/tickets-1180065.html  DAY 3 / JULY 26th 2024 https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/tolminator-2024-daily-ticket-friday-26-7-2024/tickets-1180066.html  DAY 3 / JULY 27th 2024 https://tolminator.mojekarte.si/en/tolminator-2024-daily-ticket-saturday-27-7-2024/tickets-1180067.html


Me and my team have had quite a struggle to get everything done in time, but here it is!  Let me present you the Kings of Doom/Stoner Metal ELECTRIC WIZARD! One of the four daily headliners!   On the main stage please welcome JUNGLE ROT and DÖDSRIT!  On the Underground stage we present you the following […]