24 - 28 July 2024
Tolmin, Slovenia

tlmntr – metal as fuck

This is it! Our first music video! Listen, share, tell your friends, mosh, get nuts… TLMNTR – METAL AS FUCK!Straight from the future,with a sonic fucking blast! Still a bit hungover,and I’m coming at you fast!  TOLMINATORMETAL AS FUCKTOLMINATORMETAL AS FUCK You wanna smoke a bowl?or a drunken fix of speed?I’ve got all the heavy shit,that […]


Every year we will give newcomers a chance to perform on Tolminator. We tend to continue supporting newcomers, but there’s only a certain amount of slots we can provide each year and hundreds of bands who wanna perform. So the only reasonable option is to give the chance to bands that are also present on […]


Are you a food vendor? Is your food selection as special as our festival? A couple of stalls are still free for rent! If you or anyone you know would be interested, please send you application to foodvendors@tolminator.com , include your selection and general info about your offer, and we will contact you with all […]


Our lockers are bulletproof, the same as my bro Yannic from Rectal Smegma This year we rented 300! Lockers of course, not Yannics haha there’s only one Yannic 210 smaller lockers (dimension 14x25x50cm) 20,00 EUR for the entire festival + 10,00 EUR key deposit 90 bigger lockers (dimension 31x25x50cm) 30,00 EUR for the entire festival […]


Info point is the only place where we accept band submissions for the BEACH STAGE at Tolminator! Festival Info point, located between camping area and main stage area, offers basic info about the festival, such as information about running order and possible changes and all other festival related news. You can also deposit things that […]


Welcome to Press area of Tolminator festival. If you are interested in cooperation and wish to apply for Tolminator accreditation, please fill in the form under the webpage CONTACT > PRESS section. The deadline for submission of your application is July 10th 2024. After this date, we will not accept any other applications. You will […]


IMPAIRED TOLMINATORS Wheelchair users or other physically handicapped people who rely on support, can bring 1 escorting person to the festival area for free. They are allowed to use the VIP camping grounds, which enable an easier passage to the festival area. Handicapped accessible restrooms will be available. Tolminator provides a platform for handicapped people […]


There were a lot of questions about camping at Tolminator Metal Fest II, so here’s couple of information about it: -Camp opens on Monday, 22. 7. 2024 at 12:00 (see Early Arrival terms below!*) -Camp closes on Sunday, 28. 7. 2024 at 12:00 -Camping is available to festival guests free of charge from Wednesday, 24. […]


Hi everyone, here’s a couple of fresh and really exciting news: After years of uncertainty and intense political battles, escalated right after the devastating pandemic, we can finally relax a little. Tolminator Metal Fest will remain in its current location for the next four years with a couple of minor changes, except for a substantial […]


Hi everyone! We got a lot of questions about the children at the festival. So here’s a couple of explanations: -For children under the age of 12, the entrance is free. -Please note, that children can only enter the festival grounds if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a valid Tolminator ticket. -Children […]