Appreciation post

Appreciation post

Dear horde of mine,

This is Tolminator speaking to all you beautiful Metalheads that attended this epic first edition of the festival in my name. Wow, that was quite a party! I hope each one of you enjoyed it as I did!

There are so many people that made this possible. To gather my thoughts, I had to ascend to the sky. Let me try this! I hope I don’t forget anyone. My brain is a bit confused. Haha! Worth it!

I would like to thank the municipality of Tolmin for hosting me.

I would like to thank the Dirty Skunks crew for the booking and organization of this fabulous event!

I would like to thank all the bands + their management & agents that were willing to partake on this first journey.

I would like to thank all the Tolminator core crew, that worked on the festival – accountants, production team, catering team, both stages teams, afterparty DJs, photographers and video makers, social networks team, cashiers, security Tolminators, medic team, the bars and food stall crews, cleaners, backliners, Danč & the local Tolminator crew, the merch team, all the shuttle drivers … what a bunch of lovely people, professionals all of them, hand picked by me! I love you all! ❤

Oh how we moshed, oh how we danced, oh how we laughed! All of you make me proud!

Now I’m a bit tir… oh wait, what is this? What am I doing? Is the new edition already confirmed!? Check it out! You need to be back and party with me! WOOHOO! And remember, we are all Tolminators \m/

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Tolmin, Slovenia

Appreciation post